Lynn Watson
I have really been thinking about the psalmist, David a lot this week. I guess what sparked it was the song by Kari Jobe(I am not alone) and then my devotion yesterday was about David…I thought about his faith in God and how it had to be one of the strongest. He spent so much time alone being the youngest and a shepherd over the sheep. He didn’t have the “word” per se to go to daily as it was being written(partially by him and God). However, his strength was found in being in the presence of God by singing praises and psalms to HIM! God says in His word that “He inhabits the praises of His people” why are we finding it so hard to worship anymore(we can point fingers all day long at others, but truth is, it’s your worship, not anyone elses)? The enemy is trying his best to steal our worship, are you going to let him win? How about it…I challenge you, no I dare you to WORSHIP HIM like never before in the next service and just see if HE can stay away! I promise you, every problem, every worry, every need will vanish! He wants(no He LONGS) to be with us, near us, but He won’t force Himself on us, He has to be wanted/invited! I WANT YOU LORD JESUS, I NEED YOU, I GOT TO HAVE YOU! Who is with me? Let’s get our worship back!