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We will begin September 11th and will end on October 21st.

We’ll be reading from a presentation of Scripture called The Books of the Bible. Unlike traditional Bibles, The Books of the Bible doesn’t has chapter or verse numbers, cross references, or red lettering. It’s formatted so you can see the natural divisions within each book. The Books of the Bible designed to be read from start to finish, as Scripture was originally intended. But Community Bible Experience is also a different approach to the Bible. Instead of reading in bits and pieces, we’re going to read whole books. We’ll experience the New Testament in its entirety. And we’ll share the journey in community, gathering once a week in small groups to reflect on our reading— to share what inspires, surprises, puzzles, or challenges us. For eight weeks, you’ll read an average 12 pages a day, five days a week (Monday through Friday). Some days might be a bit longer or shorter, because we’re going to follow the natural section breaks within Scripture, instead of ending each day at some arbitrary point. The average day’s reading takes around 20 minutes to complete. That’s less time than it takes to watch a sitcom. And if reading isn’t your thing, you can listen to an audio version of the New Testament instead. Either way, I encourage you to carve out time— give up something small for the eight weeks, if you have to—to make this journey a priority. When we gather in small groups each week, we’re going to have a different kind of conversation about the Bible. Think of your gatherings more like a “book club” than a traditional Bible study. You don’t have to come with all the “right” answers; you just have to come ready to share what you’re experiencing as you read. As we go on this journey together, remember: we’re reading big. Our goal isn’t necessarily to capture every detail but to glimpse the big-picture story of redemption. And remember: we’re in this together. I encourage you to make the most of this opportunity to experience this rich and profound portion of the Bible.